What Are the Best Beach Locations Close to London?

There are literally thousands of beaches in the world, and each has its own charms. Some are perfect for families; others are primarily for couples, and others are great for surfers. You will have to decide which one suits you best since some beaches are reserved for certain groups of people. Whatever beach you choose, make sure you’re there early since there’s only a limited amount of space and you should also make sure that you are wearing appropriate attire. 

Here are the best beach locations close to London:

  • Brighton, East Sussex.

London is a great city for tourists, but if you’re looking for somewhere a bit more relaxed to visit, Brighton is a fantastic option. It has a lovely seafront, a beautiful pier, and plenty to see and do. Britain has a lot of good beaches, and the UK has a lot of great towns and cities. For example, the “beautiful” town of Brighton, East Sussex. It sits on the south coast of England and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. It features a stunning seafront with a spectacular array of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other establishments. This fabulous seaside town is only 45 minutes away from London, so you can also visit the capital on the way back home.

  • Southend-On-Sea, Essex.

If you have ever been to the seaside town of Southend-On-Sea, Essex, then you will know it is a town of on-the-go locals that are always on the go. This is not only true with the locals, but also with the visitors. Southend-On-Sea is eighty miles from London and is just off the coast from the capital. It is a very popular place for its beaches, bars, and nightlife. If you’re looking for the best beach locations in England, you could do worse than Southend-On-Sea, an underrated seaside town that’s a great place to get away from the buzz of the capital. As for the region, it’s a bit of a mixed bag: Southend-On-Sea lies along the coast of Essex, just to the west of London and a short train journey from both Liverpool Street and London Liverpool Street. It’s a convenient place to visit, as it’s close enough to London to be within reach without being too far in the sticks. And despite a struggling economy, it’s a nice place to spend a weekend exploring the countryside and seaside.

  • Whitstable, Kent.

If you want to find the best beaches around London, you need to look no further than the Kent coastline. Whether it’s a tranquil walk along a shingle beach, a relaxing day on a beach in Whitstable, or a walk along the cliffs of Beachy Head, some of the best beaches in the country are close to London. Certain places can only be visited during the summer months when you can get the most out of them. Whitstable, Kent is a tiny town sandwiched between the North Kent coast and the Kent coast of the English Channel. It has a beautiful stretch of sandy beach with uninterrupted views of the English Channel.

  • Ruislip Lido Beach, West London.

The Ruislip Lido is a recreational beach in London. It is the only body of water to the London borough of Hillingdon. It is located at the southern edge of Greater London, 3.5 miles (6 km) northeast of Uxbridge. It is an important place for birdwatchers, as it is a breeding site for many species of waterfowl and other birds. It was a popular location for boating in the past because of the large area of flat, calm water.

  • West Wittering, West Sussex.

There is something very special about being on the beach, especially if you are on a beach in England. The sand is soft and soothing, the water is clean, and the air is always pleasant and warm. While the East coast beaches are known for their sandy beaches, the West coast offers some of the best beaches close to London, such as West Wittering, West Sussex.

If you plan a trip to the UK and want to hit the beach during the summer, you will have more than enough options. We recommend that you pick an area that is rarely crowded so that there are no chances of encountering other tourists. The following is a list of the best places to find seclusion when you want to relax and unwind.

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