Firstly, lets talk about what a proper road trip is. A road trip is a vacation that’s done by truckers. Now yes, personally, I’m not much of the kind of a truck of guy, but there are so many great things about the road trip. One of the things is that there is absolutely no planning involved. Nothing. Nothing at all. Also, there’s the great sense of freedom you get. You can go at your own pace, stop where you want, go where you want to go. And of course, you can take your time. And let me tell you, there’s absolutely no better place to do that than on a road trip in the UK! (Not that you couldn’t do that in a country like the United States.)

Because you’re on a road trip, you get to experience all the full-body sensibility of a place. You get to drop in the river, see calves hanging out of women’s dresses, pork being smoked, things that would make Samuraishi conjure up images of Japanese wood temples. And you can do this all without incident at any hour. Indeed, I guarantee you will never run into someone who would tell you what you need to do, you will never have to look for a map and you will be able to find a pub and have a pint without having to worry about directions.

Also, the environment is a friend to you. It’s warm (but not too hot) and there are interesting things for you to discover about the local area. You will go on interesting tours and see things you would never have seen otherwise. You will also meet interesting characters wherever you go. And that’s all the more remarkable because you’ll be hearing their stories on the way. You’ll become a part of the community and drift into another part of yourself. Road tripping is just as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

If you’re not convinced already, here are 5 more reasons why Road tripping in the UK is an excellent idea.

  1. It’s not too far away! incidentally, if you don’t want to go too far, you could easily extend your trip by driving round some of the southern states or head to France. That way you get to experience the full working of a British pub, without the heavy atmosphere of London.
  2. There are some great trains in the UK, like the Great Victor Rises in the North of England, and the Waterloo Way in the South West (also known as the West Coast when it was a separate country, much like Australia). A great way to see large parts of the country, without having to move too far from home.
  3. More and more motor vehicles are being replaced by motor driven vehicles (motorbikes, cars and boats). This means that the environment is much better and more of a chance to see more of the UK in a smaller area.
  4. The UK has a very diverse range of climate and terrain. In other words, there’s lots of place to see and experience different things.
  5. Lots of things can be done in the UK. You can be at a concert in a major city, skiing in the Swiss Alps, diving in the Canaries, touring around Rome or Greece. Not to mention the many local festivals and celebrations.

Despite all this, perhaps the most attractive about the UK is the fact that it’s so compact. Like Scandinavia, the UK has a strong, sometimes over bloated, colonial past. This has led to a definite sense of brashness accentuated by the shine of top notch London conference venues.

If you compare the UK with other countries, you’ll find it to be very similarly laid back and unpretentious. Though it has a strong sense of locality, it prefers to see things the old fashioned way. As a result, it has a considerable number of Churches and other buildings of historic interest dotted all over the country.

For those who wish to do more than justbathe in the sun, there are several islands just on the outskirts of the main land. Takeaway is perhaps the most appropriate word. This is an area where the UK has not been able to keep up with China and other parts in the Asia Pacific region. So it’s a good place to just pass through and go on to the next thing.

The UK is a fantastic place to host conventions and conferences. The standards are extremely high, which means that you’re almost guaranteed a good time for the people involved and the bigger groups that join. Conventions are hosted all over the country and you can visit one of several exhibitions, trade shows and conferences held in the UK at specialist venues throughout the year.

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