Asia has become the top destination choice for many discerning travelers. Although Asia is as yet very unfamiliar to many, it has definitely made an imprint on the imagination, and can therefore be safely called the Asia version of Paris.

Asia is a fascinating continent with many great cities to visit. If you are a nature lover, you for sure will not want to miss out on the natural beauty that covers the continent.

Some of the most well-known locations in Asia are the capital cities of India, and the three Maritime Provinces of Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

One of the wonders of Asia is the Taj Mahal. This spectacular palace was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the 17th century. It incorporates pedal wells, baths, and a Chapel of the Year. Certification of the Taj Mahal standards is no longer available.

If you are a bird watcher, Asia is a great place to do some impressive watching. Buddha temples and fish ponds in Asia are very impressive.

Downtown Shanghai in China is now a multicultural city with luxurious hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, chi towers, and very good restaurants.

Well worth a visit, Bangkok has become a visitor destination, due to a combination of its natural beauty, the hospitality of the Thai people, and the buzzing nightlife. Bangkok is also now a banana republic!

Thailand is also the land of Buddhist temples.

Siam Chiang Lama is the founder of the famous Buddhism Sannyaran (One Buddha). Siam was one of the first Buddhist temples on the island.

To the west of Bangkok, the island of Ko Chang has become a popular destination, not only for Buddhist temples but also for resort spas. Hotel accommodation is plentiful and is also of good quality.

Viam would be a great place to relax, as one can always find a lake to swim in Thailand. Beaches are pleasant and the waters are always clean and clear.

Krabi is an island located off the west coast of Thailand. It is a very hot and dry island. The main attractions are bats, elephants, comprehensive coral reefs, islands, and beaches. Enjoy the clear waters and white sandy beaches. Krabi is also an excellent destination for trekking and island hopping.

Phuket Island is located in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand. Phuket Thailand’s largest, busiest, and most developed island. It is renowned for its popular hugely expensive resort, Phuket Island Resort.

This splendid island offers activities such as hot springs, an artificial sea beach, an array of sea sports, a coral beach, and even a theme park! The variety of activities offered at Phuket Island makes it a wonderful destination for families with varying interests.

Phuket is now a very popular tourist destination, with its year-round tourist arrivals. It now offers a wide array of activities for tourists and holidaymakers. Nightlife is fantastic! You can choose from a wide range of bars and clubs, or prefer to sit on the beach, eating your favorite food. You can also choose to relax by the pool, and watch the sunset leisurely. Phuket Island will offer you a wonderful experience, and unforgettable memories!

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