TOP 6 Reasons Why DSLR Cameras Are Great for Wedding Shooting

In order to take good pictures, you do not need an expensive camera. However, having an advanced DSLR camera, it is much easier get high-quality images and there is no doubt about it. Mirrorless cameras let alone smartphone cameras can hardly compete with DSLRs. What is so good about the latter?


A DSLR camera has a large sensor. A compact camera, on the contrary, has a light-sensitive surface that is only 3-5% of the area of a full-size DSLR. Even an inexpensive DSLR camera on kijiji with some kit lens will outperform the best compact cameras on the market in terms of image quality.

Fast shutter speed and better focus

From the moment you switch the camera on and start taking pictures, in the worst case scenario, there will pass a third of a second. DSLR cameras are designed to be ready to start taking pictures at any time. The interval between pressing the shutter button and taking a picture is minimal. In addition, when it comes to focus, DSRLS know how to predict the position of an object based on the speed of its movement and the lag of its own shutter, which is rather a high-tech feature.

Many adjustment options

Unlike compact point-and-shoot cameras, DSLRs are not designed to please all sorts of customers with their simplicity and straightforwardness. Therefore, these cameras have more controls than the most advanced point-and-shoot cameras do.
However, once you figure out the purpose of all those buttons, you will easily be able to manage a variety of settings. The most popular modes and settings can even be saved under special user profiles. So in the end, it will be easier and faster for you to take pictures.


DSLR cameras support a wide variety of interchangeable lenses ranging from fish-eye lenses with a viewing angle exceeding 180 degrees to the high-class 200+ mm telephoto lenses, which you can only use if you own a DSRL camera.

Full control over the depth of field

Small sensors of compact cameras make all the things sharp in a picture. You can only make some part of the image blurry by using some software such as Adobe Photoshop.
With a DSLR camera, the depth of field comes into play. DSLRs are known for a shallow depth of field, so the subject is very easily and naturally separated from the background, which remains blurred. This can be achieved in many ways – both by playing with the diaphragm, and by installing a lens with a high aperture and / or a large focal length.


All DSLR cameras can shoot in RAW format. RAW is a special format in which the signal from the sensor is directly recorded without further processing by the camera. A RAW file contains several times more information than JPEG images and the format provides extensive image processing capabilities without loss of quality. This means that if you decide to sell your home or car, you will be able to take some stunning pictures of your house.

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