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Should Your Business Have a Web Page?

Even though we live in a society today that is computer dependent, many entrepreneurs and businessperson are reluctant to establish an electronic presence for their firm.  There is often a sense that their business is not “computer oriented” or that they prefer to conduct their business on an in-person face-to-face fashion rather than depending upon machines and the internet.  Others frankly feel uncomfortable or incapable of using the new technologies and equipment.


These attitudes are understandable.  However, several of their feelings tend to overlook factors that significantly impact the success of modern business operations.  For example, the maintenance of supply and expense records is greatly facilitated by using computers; as are regular orders for purchases of supplies and equipment.  Similarly, computers enable the small businessperson to keep files on each individual customer, including their previous work requests and product orders, the schedules and the status of the work.  Computer systems serve as a businesses’ tool for communicating not just with customers and clientele, but also with other businesses and organizations that can provide assistance, and at times subcontract to complete key elements of a project.  Purchasing a domain from GoDaddy and taking advantage of their Groupon coupon deals to get one at a discount can be the first step towards establishing an online presence for your business.  That presence will enable your firm to take advantage of these communications tools and opportunities.


A web page does far more than just introducing you and presenting your business to prospective customers.  It is the way by which you maintain regular communications with those who monitor your firm’s performance and it provides how customers, clients and other businesses and organizations can communicate with you and keep in touch.  It serves as the 21st century version of the Yellow Pages, the tool by which prospective customers search and evaluate firms and entrepreneurs who might best meet the need they have for specialists to do a job or project.  For these reasons any business should have a web page, so it can give the public a good sense of the services it offers, the persons who perform those services and the benefits a customer can have by using your firm.